Overview of Science Technology, Engineering, Maths Excursions

Take the study of mathematics, Science out of the classroom with a visit to the capital city to explore the use of maths in everyday life.  From the London Eye, the Wembley Arch to the Olympic Park, you can use the capital's famous landmarks as inspiring educational tools to illustrate just how omnipotent maths really is.   

Enjoy a bit of code breaking at Bletchley Park, see mathematical principles illustrated at the British or Science Museums, and learn how maths was used in the design, architecture and engineering of the city’s greatest landmarks.   There is really no limit to the places you can visit that will bring this subject off the page.

Science Trips

There are many places in London such as: The Natural History Museum, WWT Wetland Centre, London Zoo, Royal Observatory Greenwich and The Science Museum where you can take part in workshops arranged by the museum.

Reasons to visit- Some of outdoor activities we arrange for our Students’.

Science Museum

The Science Museum holds the world's most comprehensive collection of science, technology, industry and medicine. The themes are explained through a range of exhibits including the first steam locomotive and man's first flight in space. The main attractions include a V2 missile and the Apollo 10 command module.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory was founded in1675. The exhibition includes time-pieces, a history of the building as a working observatory, the Greenwich Meridian line, the history of time and astronomy and the giant refracting telescope.

What our previous Batch say

Ministry of Education UAE trainers

 “This was my first journey and I would highly recommend the company to anyone bringing groups to London”.

UAE students’ responses

“An excellent trip which was thoroughly enjoyed by all; excellent classroom teaching coupled with many practical application activities. I received great support throughout” 


What is STEM?

Science, technology, mathematics and engineering are the bedrock for innovation in business and industry and every Government will continue to push forward links between these and education helping young people get a real grasp of the real world of work.

Who is it for?

Whether you need to be  specialise in science, design and technology, computing or mathematics, or whether you're aspiring to be an specialised field, we provide high quality professional learning experiences that will have a real impact on your own studies and see a positive improvement in your educational progress.

What makes it different from other CPD?

The residential experience gives you the chance to study discuss and apply  in state of the art facilities and labs, network with like-minded colleagues and have that valuable time to reflect and challenge yourself and best  practices. Throughout the course, you will be guided by experienced practitioners and subject experts through a range of workshops and activities to enhance your leadership skills, subject knowledge and practical expertise.

How much is it?

 They are available at selected prices dependent on which course you are interested in, with Higher education ministries in each country or schools   contributing to covering the cost of course fees, supply cover, travel, accommodation, or equipment.