MBA/ MA Specialised Top up

As an ambitious and driven student, you will bring your work experience to the programme. This might be from a functional role, or a profession such as law or accounting. In either case, you will have a considerable depth of experience in one specific area. This MBA will help you to gain a broader understanding of business by exposing you to key aspects of it and showing you how it all fits together. Conversely, you might have had a more varied role, perhaps in running a small business where you have some understanding over a range of business activities, but need help in developing your existing business knowledge further. In both cases our MBA will update your management toolkit and give you a broader and stronger profile to enhance your career. The MBA is not just an academic course. It will enhance your understanding of the practical side of a business.

  • Modules : 11 Modules
  • Duration : 12   Months
  • Delivery :  2 Terms

Key MBA/MA Modules

Research Methods for Business Management

In this module of the top up MBA you will acquire the skills and abilities that managers need to carry out business and management research that will enable you to develop your workplace based masters project. Focus is given to the specific issues faced by managers and researchers when carrying out research in an organisational setting.

Marketing Design and Innovation

In this module of the MBA top up you will investigate stylistic changes in taste, fashion and customer needs by examining contemporary issues in marketing, design and innovation, including dependency products and services and best value. You will also look at marketing principles such as, product and service design, functionality and purpose, customer perception, value and branding extend to the consideration of patenting ideas, design registration, trade marking and intellectual property.

MBA Dissertation

The MBA dissertation, also known as the Postgraduate Major Project, allows you an opportunity to demonstrate, several important intellectual and practical skills at an advanced level. These skills are considered valuable by employers as the dissertation is your own work, and it is proof that you have mastered the skills. In fact, sometimes your dissertation will help you to obtain an interview or find the suitable job position you want in an organisation.


Entry Requirements

The prerequisite knowledge and/or experience you would need to study this course.

Level 6 qualification OR a first degree OR managers with considerable experience.

What other Masters programme can you enrol?

MA In Education, MA in Marketing, MA in finance