Public speaking and leadership skills

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll discover and experience when you join our 5 Day Discovery Programme which focuses on Public speaking improvement and Leadership skills :

Day 1 – An Introduction to Public Speaking

Excellent communication is built on solid foundations – and on Day 1 we will deconstruct public speaking and then build it up from new foundations.

You’ll feel new confidence not only when you’re called on to speak on stage, but generally with better quality and more effective interactions at work, at home and play.

Throughout this day and the entire week, you’ll make many speeches – both prepared and impromptu - videoed by your trainer, with constructive, confidence-building feedback provided.

You'll discover:

  1. The three universal laws of public speaking
  2. The psychology of public speaking – both for the speaker and from the audience’s perspective
  3. How to determine your purpose - what do you want to achieve when speaking, and how can you get it?
  4. Getting off on the right foot: ice-breaker and introduction exercises
  5. The winning equation for every speaker is wrapped up in words, vocal variety and body language
  6. How to use stories, anecdotes and case studies – and why they always outscore numbers, statistics and pie charts
  7. How to use metaphor and rhetoric – and why they work so effectively

Day 2 - Mind, Body and Spirit

Impactful public speaking and communication is about so much more than the words.

It’s a combination of what is happening in our mind, body and spirit and if any of these components aren’t right, you won’t perform at your best.

You'll discover:

  1. Proven speech structures you can use immediately in many situations
  2. How to start any speech with impact
  3. Posture, breathing and relaxation – an extensive selection of exercises to support your breath
  4. How the mind and body are totally integrated – and the overall impact of that
  5. How to avoid losing control - understanding and conquering physical manifestations of anxiety
  6. How and when to use enthusiasm, conviction, belief, sincerity and passion
  7. Speech analysis – discover the ‘tricks’ the best-of-the-best business and political speakers employ to get results

Day 3 – Debating Skills

Are you confident you can secure the outcome you want in a debate with a difficult or persuasive colleague or client?

You will be after Day 3.

You'll discover:

  1. Introduction to debating essentials
  2. How great speakers and people of influence like use the art and power of rhetoric
  3. How to use words, logic, structure and delivery to take any listener on a journey of persuasion
  4. The preplanned debating techniques politicians use to deflect the attacks of their opponents and negotiate better deals
  5. We will also stage debates where we’ll explore and unpack the effectiveness of each contribution

Day 4 – Irresistible Influence and Transformational Speaking for Leadership

You too can be charismatic. You do not need a million dollar smile and a Harvard education. Research studies show that anybody can be charismatic.

Charisma can be learnt by applying various techniques at the appropriate time. Those techniques will in time become part and parcel of who you are.

All you need to know is how to embody them – and that’s what you’ll discover on Day 4.

You'll discover:

  1. A formula for persuasion that applies every time and to each context – including ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ tactics for persuasion and when to use each type
  2. ‘Lost secrets’ of the old masters who framed the parameters of persuasion in the first crucibles of civilization
  3. Why some people just seem to make it look so easy while others struggle to gather momentum (hint: it comes down to technique and applying it appropriately at the right time)
  4. How to deliver a keynote speech
  5. How to run your own professional speaking event – and manage value-packed speaking events in the workplace which elevate your status as a speaking professional
  6. How to use notes effectively
  7. How to effectively introduce a speaker and deliver a vote of thanks

Day 5 – Presentation Day

Day 5 is dedicated to planning, preparation, practice and delivery of you very own preprepared speech.

You’ll pull together everything you’ve learned during the week.

Throughout the day, we’ll be working on the delivery of speech projects where greater time for planning is allocated.


You'll discover:

  1. How to create and deliver a (short) TED talk
  2. How to manage and win over large audiences
  3. How to handle a hostile audience – how to connect with the audience and invite them to be more receptive to your proposition.
  4. How to use advanced presentation techniques and tools - text notes, PowerPoint, Mindmaps, bullet points, index cards, memory techniques...
  5. How to handle Q&A sessions with ease
  6. All your speeches videoed and reviewed
  7. More impromptu speaking followed by an end of course dinner...