Franchising Protocols

Having franchising agreement with UK university involves number of steps. Roots Management will provide guidance to achieve successful franchise agreement for an International Institute. These includes;

  1. Informal contacts will be made between Roots Management and the UK university on behalf of respective institute. These will be entirely without any commitment on the part of either party.
  2. A briefing paper will be produced by the Roots Management outlining the intentions of the proposed partnership, the mission, reputation and details of the institution informed by the informal meetings and appropriate research.
  3. The briefing paper will be submitted to the Senior Management Group (SMG) which will be asked to make a judgement on whether the University should proceed with recognition, whether the partnership will serve to further the University’s mission and whether it is compatible with existing collaborative arrangements.
  4. Senior Management Team of the University must also determine the legal status of the prospective partner institution and its capacity to contract with the University.
  5. Roots Management will arrange University staff to visit international institute.
  6. Once Senior Management of the university is satisfied that this is the case, the Collaborative Provision Committee will establish a Recognition Panel to assess whether the standard of both the teaching and of the learning environment at the prospective partner institution are appropriate for the delivery of the proposed programme or course.
  7. Risk Assessment will be carried out by Recognition panel, make judgements on the quality and standards of the operation and make appropriate recommendations to meet university standards.
  8. The University and the partner institution will each meet its own costs arising from the recognition process.
  9. Recognition will be formalised in a Memorandum of Agreement and the regulatory framework for the franchised programme or course will be formalised in a programme/course agreement.