Agent Enquiries

Becoming an Agent of Roots Management

Roots Management welcomes applications from reputable education agents to expand its network of agents across the world.We aim to appoint agents in key markets to assist our student recruitment and marketing efforts for our partner universities and colleges.

We apply a rigorous application process for new agent selections. We insist that our agents are of the highest standard and share our values. We will perform thorough screening on each agent application and this may include office visits, meeting your staff, reference checks, copies of official business licenses and experience in the industry.

Why work with Roots Management 

  • We work with genuine education providers; possess local knowledge and industry specialisation.
  • We have high success rate in admission and visa application.
  • We aim to give you extra value from the services you take and enrich our own value from our experience with you.
  • We follow the British Council's "Guide to Good Practice for Education Agents" in our conducts and the Principles of ''London Statement''. Our activities also incorporate guidelines of English UK, QISAN and ICEF. In addition to the professional code of conducts, we observe ethical, moral and personal values to maintain high standards in our work. 

What will you get from working with Roots Management

  • Access to huge portfolio of universities and colleges worldwide.
  • Global exposures and opportunities to recruit more students with wider options.
  • Expanded connections with our networks, stakeholders and industry.
  • Opportunities to be introduced with our partner universities and colleges.
  • Support from Head Office, training, accurate and updated information.
  • Quick responses to queries, timely application submission and offer collection services.
  • Access to our expertise, transferrable skills and knowledge.
  • Good commission, bonus and rewards for success.
  • Respect, recognition and 100% honest service.

How can I become a Roots Management Agent

We request all prospective agents to contact at If your application is successful, we will give you an agreement for contracted agent.