About Franchising

Franchising is the process by which the University agrees to authorise the delivery of one or more of its own approved courses or programmes by a partner institution.

Partner institution means an institution recognised as competent to deliver a franchised course or programme.

Programme means a total academic offering leading to an award of the University or one which offers progression to an existing award-bearing programme.

Course denotes an individual component of a programme to which credits (and a credit level) may be attributed.

Where a course or programme is franchised, the University will retain overall responsibility for the admission of students, record keeping and all other administrative functions. The University will be responsible for the syllabus in terms of its content, mode of delivery, mode of assessment and quality assurance arrangements.

The course or programme will be owned by an existing University academic unit and assessed through the auspices of a University examination board.

Students will be subject to the University’s regulations with regard to the course or programme, in particular the Regulations for the Award of First Degrees.